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LCSB and Superintendent Screenings

Candidate Recommendations

While we are not instructing you to vote for specific candidates, we want you to know that supporting the following candidates aligns with our principles and promotes stronger public schools.

LCTA Recommends the following candidates for office:

·       LCSB District 2 – Rosanne Wood

·       LCSB District 4 – Jeremy Rogers

  • LCTA has no recommendation regarding candidates for superintendent at this time. We ask everyone to review the candidate questionnaire and interview to learn more about each candidate.

Note: No dues dollars go to support any candidates.

Note: $22 million was diverted from our public schools via vouchers. Those funds could have been used for competitive pay, more classroom resources, increased athletic and arts spending, and more.

Survey Results

Screening Videos

As we approach this critical election season, it is essential to reflect on our collective values that guide our decisions and the reasons we support certain candidates over others. At the heart of our mission is the belief in strong public schools in every zip code, for every student, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion, creed, or orientation. We value and respect all the candidates who are running. Each candidate was engaging and demonstrated a sincere commitment to supporting students and educators. However, the differentiation lies in the core values that make our public schools a shining example of community, democracy, and the good of all. As the legislative committee, we appreciated and respected the civic engagement of all the candidates. Strong public schools are the greatest equalizers and powerful promoters of independent thinking and self-reliance. Our candidate recommendations are driven by members’ shared core beliefs as defined by our association’s goals and objectives in our constitution and bylaws.

Our Goals and Objectives

·       Welfare of Children and Educational Opportunities: We support candidates who prioritize great educators for the welfare of children and who work tirelessly to expand public educational opportunities for all students.

  • Professional Compensation and Employment Conditions: We support candidates who advocate for competitive and professional compensation
    and strive to improve the terms and conditions of employment for educators because teacher working conditions are student learning conditions.
  • Professional Practices and Ethics: Our backing goes to those who encourage active participation in solving school problems
    through shared decision-making, promote lifelong learning, and uphold the highest standards of professional ethics.
  • Unified Voice on Educational Issues: We choose candidates who, together with educators, will advocate for our collective
    interests before the School Board, the public, the legislature, and other authorities.
  • Resource Management for Educational Purposes: We stand behind candidates who responsibly manage resources and funds to
    achieve our educational goals effectively, knowing that educators are the greatest factor in student success.

The Impact of Vouchers on Public Education

We also need to address the issue of vouchers and their detrimental impact on our shared goals. Taxpayer dollars are meant for the good of the whole community and should not be funneled under the guise of choice to for-profit institutions that are not held to the same standards as our public schools. Vouchers undermine public education by diverting essential funds away from community schools, compromising their ability to serve all students effectively.

While we support parents’ right to choose the best educational setting for their children, this choice should not come at the expense of the greater community. Public schools are designed to serve every child, and they require adequate funding to fulfill this mission. Therefore, we support candidates who prioritize this core value.

By supporting candidates who align with these values, we can foster an educational environment that serves every student and strengthens our democracy through robust public schooling. 

Thank you for your dedication and support in this endeavor.

In solidarity,

The Legislative Committee

LCS Staffing Data

LCS Salary Data

What have salary increase for the superintendent, school board and teachers looked like over the last four years? The superintendent has 34 years in the district just like the teacher shown below. Look at the average percentage increases.

Compared to the superintendent and school board, the following chart shows how much salary veteran teacher have lost over the last four years when you apply the percentage increase to salary they received. 

Then there is the issue of the average teacher salary shared by LCS this week from the FL DOE website. It's important to note, FL DOE does not generate any data. The data they share is provided by Leon County Schools.

The trend data does not support the claim of an average salary increase of about $8,000. There seems to be some incorrect reporting by LCS to FL Department of Education. 

Settlement: A-Comp Time

Seeing the increase in workload and less and less time to meet student needs by planning, preparing, and responding to student learning, we filed grievances for overages in student contact time. As a result we mutually agreed with the district to protect planning time. Not only is this a tremendous benefit for students, but for you too. However, there may be some questions you have. This forum will provide answers to the questions you have and an opportunity to ask questions using the input button below.

REMEMBER: Contract enforcement ensures a fair system for all. If you are told, “I don’t monitor if you’re on duty on time, so don’t submit this form. It’s easier on everyone. We know how to do it at our site. We don’t need to contract to tell us.” There is a serious problem. You should not have to compromise a fair and just system for quid pro quo or good ole boy systems of favoritism. Contact LCTA if you have questions or concerns.

When can you get alternative comp time?

  • When you don’t get 6 hours of planning in a standard week because the site administrator has assigned them other duties or excessive group activities.
  • Where the site administrator requires an instructional employee to participate in group activities during the teacher’s designated mid-day planning period/time more than 2 times per week.
  • When you do not receive at least 4 hours of independent planning. (To be clear, principals can use any combination of the 2 hours and any flex/duty time built into the schedule for group activities as long as you get the 4 total hours of independent planning).

A-Comp Time FAQ:

When can you earn A-Comp time?  

  • ANSWER: When you do not receive 6 hours of planning, 4 independent hours of planning, or three mid-days independent planning periods.

Do MTSS, IEP, or any other meetings count as planning time?

  • ANSWER: No.


Does duty count as planning time?

  • ANSWER: No.


Is it considered planning time when students report to my room?

  • ANSWER: No.


How do can you submit for A-Comp time?

  • ANSWER: There is a District form that must be submitted to your bookkeeper. LCTA has requested the form be electronic so submissions can be tracked.


How soon will an employee have access to the A-Comp time?  

  • ANSWER: With 30 days of the overage.


How can be A-comp be used?  

  • ANSWER: A-Comp can be used like sick/personal leave.


Will A-Comp expire?  

  • ANSWER: No. A-Comp will not expire, rolls over from year to year, and transfers from site to site within Leon County Schools.


Do guidance counselors, social workers, reading coaches, etc. also have protected planning?  

  • ANSWER: Yes, the language says all Pre-K through 12 instructional employees should have protected planning. We suggest setting office hours with administration. This will establish time blocks to calculate your time.


What if there are mandatory meetings and events at school?  

  • ANSWER: Then you earn A-Comp time if you do not get the 6 total hours, 4 independent hours, and 3 mid-day independent.


What is the maximum number of hours you can earn on the books for A-Comp time?  

  • ANSWER: 24 hours is the maximum number of hours on the books. If you reach 24 hours, take a day so you can earn more. However, you should not be able to reach 24 hours since the District has told all principals they don’t want the time on the books. They, like LCTA, want you to have the gift of time.


Where can I ask questions about A-Comp time?  

  • ANSWER: Use the Questions, Comments, & Observations FAQ Input button above to ask further questions.

Supplements, Staffing Plans & Cleaning


Appendix B of the contract explains how supplements are determined and their amounts. The monies negotiated are intended for the instructional bargaining unit. To ensure transparency of the supplement process, LCTA is sharing the 2021-2022 supplement file provided by the District. If you have any questions, please contact your LCTA Building Representative.

Staffing Plans

Staffing plans are provided to site administrators around April for the next school year. Due to site based decision making, administrators can move positions to meet the needs of the site. As the year begins, staffing plans change to meet the needs of student enrollment. Therefore, the following plans provide a reference point for the staff provided for your site.   


There have been many questions about cleaning and when it should take place. LCTA requested and received the following information to allow everyone to be on the same page. The contract states health and safety issues should be addressed regularly. Regularly in many of the cases means daily. Please review the follow documents. If you have any questions, please contact your LCTA Building Representative.

Have you enforced your contract today?

Talk to your LCTA Building Representative if you have questions.