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Descriptions Below

A.  The Membership Committee shall:

  1. Organize and conduct an on-going membership recruitment program    among potential members with emphasis upon new teacher enrollment at the beginning of each semester.

  2. Develop and conduct programs at the beginning of each school year   for orientation of new teachers to the Association, the school system, and the community.

  3. The Membership Chair shall provide a membership report to the Board of Directors and the Representative Assembly at the monthly meetings.

  4. Organize such social affairs as may serve the needs of the members.

  5. Provide such services to members as approved by the Board of Directors or Representative Assembly.

  6. The committee shall be responsible for developing an annual internal organizing plan.

B.  The Human and Civil Rights Committee shall:

Provide assistance and information to members to clarify and promote equity issues and identify their implications for organizing, collective bargaining, and political action through four program areas:

  • Work Place Equity

  • Equal Access

  • Minority and Women’s Leadership Training

  • Recognition and Awards

C.        The Legislative Committee shall:

  1. Have broad concern for local, state and federal legislation, affecting the interests of schools, students, teachers and the Association

  2. Encourage members to exercise their civic and political rights and keep them informed about proposed and enacted legislation.

  3. Study and recommend Association positions on state and federal legislation.

  4. Organize and promote activities in support of Association positions on legislation.

D.        The Contract & Negotiations Committee shall:

  1. Develop within a Master Contract salary and fringe benefits, hours,

    working conditions, and all matters affecting instruction to be negotiated with the School Board.

  2. Initiate, study, and compile data for support of such positions in negotiations.

  3. Negotiate with the School Board all terms and conditions of employment included in the Master Contract.

  4. Upon reaching tentative agreement with the negotiations, the committee shall prepare and submit its report and recommendations, to the members of the bargaining unit, for ratification.

  5. Develop Procedures for ratifying the negotiation agreement with the approval of the Board of Directors prior to negotiations.

  6. Advise and represent teachers in protecting their rights under the laws of the State of Florida and the United States.

  7. Work cooperatively with the President and Executive Director to resolve issues related to the grievance process. Request aid through the President and, when appropriate, from the state and national affiliates in dealing with controversies and conflicts regarding teacher rights and the defense of teachers.

D.          The Public Relations Committee shall:

  1. Be responsible for the publication of the monthly Leon Classroom Teachers’ Association Newsletter.

  2. Assist in the publication of negotiation and legislative bulletins.

  3. Work to inform members of the policies, programs, services and accomplishments of the Association.

  4. Request aid through the President, when appropriate, from state and national affiliates in dealing with controversies and conflicts regarding teacher rights and the defense of teachers.

E.           Professional Issues in Education Committee shall:

  1. Design and promote workshops and programs to enhance teacher education, professional standards, instruction, and vocational education.

  2. Promote and support Shared Decision Making in our schools.

  3. Strive to involve shareholders in the school improvement process.

F.           The Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall:

  1. Have the responsibility for processing proposals for Constitution and Bylaws changes as provided in Article XII of the Constitution and Article VII of the Bylaws.

  2. Recommend amendments to the Board of Directors.

  3. Render, upon request, advisory opinions involving interpretation of the Constitution and Bylaws.

  4. The Committee on Constitution and Bylaws shall review all campaign finance reports and shall report to the Elections Committee prior to the elections whether any candidate has violated the stipulations of these Standing Rules.  Any violation by a candidate shall be reported to the Elections Committee by the on Constitution and Bylaws with a recommendation, approved by majority vote of the Board of Directors, to disqualify the candidate.

G.          The Budget Committee shall:

  1. Begin the meeting in February of each program year for the purpose of preparing an Association program budget for the subsequent year.

  2. Base all dues revenue projections on 90% to 95% of the actual year-end members of the Association from the prior program year.

  3. Deliver a budget recommendation to the Board of Directors at its March meeting.

  4. The Board of Directors is required to present its recommended budget to the Representative Assembly at its April meeting.

  5. The Representative Assembly must adopt a program budget for the Association at its May meeting each year.

H.          The Elections Committee:

  1. An Elections Committee shall be appointed by the President subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and the Representative Assembly.

  2. The Elections Committee shall be responsible for all elections, validations, balloting and campaign expenditures.

  3. The Elections Committee shall not include any member seeking an elective office.

  4. The chairman of the Elections Committee shall be an individual member of the committee and shall be appointed by the President subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

I.             Grievance Committee: 

  1. Meets as needed to ensure the enforcement of the bargaining unit contract.

  2. Aid the president with reporting, investigating and preparing grievances.

  3. Decides grievance support based on the LCTA “Internal Grievance Policy” and decides on class action grievances, mediations, and arbitrations by making recommendations to the LCTA Board on grievance support or non-support.

26.01     All District committees that are pertinent to the bargaining unit shall include LCTA

A.       Benefits Committee (see Section 21.14);

21.14 Benefits Committee. A committee shall be established to evaluate the current benefits program and review proposed changes to such program. This committee shall monitor the current plan and recommend to the Superintendent and Association any changes it determines are necessary. The Benefits Committee shall consist of at least five (5) members, two of whom shall be LCTA appointees and one of whom shall be the Director of Labor and Employee Relations.

B.       Budget Committee: one LCTA representative. LCTA may designate an alternate representative who may attend meetings with the representative to ensure continuity.

C.       Staffing Committee: one LCTA representative. LCTA  may  designate  an alternate representative who may attend meetings with the representative to ensure continuity.

D.        The Teacher Evaluation Review Committee (TERC) shall be comprised of twelve

(12) members, fifty (50) percent appointed by the LCTA President and fifty (50) percent appointed by the Superintendent by August 15 of each school year. The committee shall make recommendations for changes and transmit them to the collaborative bargaining team for final negotiations prior to the start of negotiations.

E.       School Improvement Central Council (see Section 25.05); and

25.05 School Improvement Central Council. A School Improvement Central Council shall be established to coordinate all school improvement efforts in the District and to assist schools with training or other support for shared decision making.  This Council shall  be comprised of twelve (12) members, fifty (50) percent appointed by the LCTA President and fifty (50) percent appointed by the Superintendent by August 15 of each school year. Two (2) members must be from the business community, one appointed by the LCTA President and one by the Superintendent. Additional participants, as needed, may be appointed by the Council for service on special committees, maintaining the same 50-50 basis. The Council will have co-chairpersons, one appointed by the LCTA President and one appointed by the Superintendent. The attainment of  consensus among all members of the Central Council shall be a primary goal. Decisions will be made by three-fourths vote of those members present and voting at the meeting if consensus cannot otherwise be reached. Roberts Rules of Order shall be applicable to  all procedural issues not addressed herein. An agenda shall be prepared by the  co- chairs of the Council and distributed at least five (5) working days prior to each Council meeting.

F.        Calendar Committee: Recommendations to the Superintendent for the  annual Leon County Schools calendars shall be developed collaboratively by  District staff, the District Advisory Council, and the District Shared Decision-Making Central Council. The District Shared-Decision-Making Central Council shall serve as the Calendar Committee, reviewing recommendations received and making a final recommendation to the Superintendent through the District Director for Policy and Planning.

G.       Curriculum and Textbook Committees: Recommendations for the adoption of curriculum and textbooks for the District shall be made by committees comprised of at least fifty (50) percent teachers in the appropriate grade level or subject area. The committees shall recommend up to three (3) books/series for each grade/subject determined appropriate to meet the varying ability levels of students.

DAC = District Advisory Council

TAC = Title 1 Advisory Council

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