No on all amendments except YES on #4.

Leon Classroom Teachers Association 2018 Election Recommendations

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The following message has been sent to all LCTA home email accounts and is not to be distributed on LCS email accounts.

Dear LCTA Membership,

For the past month, LCTA has been engaged in a process of screening LCSB candidates. In all, ten candidates were provided the opportunity to participate in a fair and transparent screening that considered all candidates platform and message, regardless of incumbency or any other factors other than LCTA priorities. It is important to remember that LCTA’s priorities are your priorities because you, our membership, are LCTA.

At the end of last year, you helped establish the priorities of LCTA through the 2018-2019 Bargaining survey process. These LCTA priorities established the guidelines for candidate consideration. The LCTA priorities are as follows:

It is important to know that all LCTA members have been invited to serve on the Legislative Committee. All meetings have been posted on the calendar and have been open to all dues paying members.

  • Increasing teacher salaries

  • Respect and professionalism for teachers and their work environment

  • Support of teacher disciplinary decisions

  • Recruitment and retention of instructional staff

  • Increased amount of individual planning to need to the unique needs of students

  • Ensuring a transparent, uniform, and supportive evaluation system

  • More ESE and Title 1 resources

  • Reduce insurance costs

The LCTA LCSB screening process, conducted by the LCTA Election Committee, began shortly after candidate qualifying in June. Each candidate was sent an electronic and hard copy of the LCTA screening questions and were provided two weeks to return their responses. These documents were mailed to the addressed provided by the Leon County Supervisor of Elections website. The LCTA Election Committee then reviewed and made a recommendation to the LCTA Board of Directors. From those recommendation, information provided by the candidates and board discussion the LCTA BOD voted to support the following candidates for Leon County School Board:

LCSB District 1 – Alva Striplin

Alva is a former LCTA member who has made improving teacher salaries a priority.  She has advocated to eliminate wasteful spending, and when identified, put the funding back into teacher and school site employee’ salaries.  Alva pledges to continue to advocate for teachers and the resources we need to ensure our and our student’s success. FACEBOOK PAGE

LCSB District 3 – Darryl Jones

Darryl is a former board member of the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce and the Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce who has a vision to lessen the achievement gap by involving all community stakeholders and institutions. He is committed to providing annual salary increases, implementing a more fair, consistent and transparent evaluation process, and a ensuring a supportive working environment where creativity and innovation are rewarded.

By providing our support to these candidates, LCTA is committed to informing our members and aiding each of these candidate’s campaign in the form of manpower. LCTA does not have a Political Action Committee or PAC. Therefore, no financial contributions of your dues money will go to any of these candidates. However, individuals are permitted to support candidates as an individual if they choose. LCTA is asking you to consider doing these things:

  1. Contribute five dollars to each campaign

  2. Volunteer to assist each candidate for one phone banking session in the weeks to come

  3. Register to vote and vote in the primary elections

LCTA asks you to please support candidates who understand the day-to-day realities of the classroom and vote for our recommended candidates.

Below is a list of additional candidates endorsed or supported by LCTA affiliates. Therefore, they are supported by LCTA.  Each candidate was screened on the priorities of its members and therefore, represent the best interest of our members. An LCTA representative served on each of the committees who selected the following candidates.

 Florida Education Association (FEA)

  • Governor – Gwen Graham

  • Attorney General – Shawn Shaw

  • SFO – Jeremy Ring

AFLCIO – Central Labor Council

  • Circuit Judge – David Frank

  • County Commission D#3 – Rick Minor

  • City Commission D#2 – Jeremy Matlow

  • US Congress D#2 – Brandon Peters

Again, no dues money is used to support any candidates.  If you have any questions or you are interested in learning more about how you can become a part of the process, please let us know.



3.01        Employee Rights and Responsibilities.

E.   An employee shall not solicit support of a candidate seeking an elective office during regular work hours, nor shall an employee who seeks an elective office engage in any campaign activities that will interfere with the performance of his/her assigned duties.


In Solidarity,

Scott Mazur, LCTA President

Leon Classroom Teachers Association

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